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Newspaper Industry Mailing Database contains the contact details for all printed and online newspapers. Our Newspaper Database is ideal for all forms of B2B marketing: newsletter and email blasts, telesales, in-person visits, direct mail and social media marketing campaigns. Free Lifetime updates to newspaper industry email list. Instant access upon payment. Download your copy of newspaper industry B2B database now.

Newspapers have been around for the last three centuries, and as an entrepreneur, I feel that they’re invaluable to me. They provide the latest market and industry trends, paramount to the strategies that I create for my businesses. One example, I would like to state is, The Wall Street Journal. I love it for the in-depth market analysis that it gives. It never fails to amaze me. I’m always learning something business-related when I read their papers.

But, after three hundred years, there’s a real change happening to the newspaper industry -it’s on the decline. That’s honestly not a big surprise. With mobile phones being more prevalent, news addicts are now switching from physical copies to online platforms. 

So, does this means that the newspaper industry will disappear? The short answer is no.



Why Do I Want To Be Interested In This Business?

Newspaper companies are making a shift to the digital platform. Though a drastic change, the nature of the business remains the same. Big players like the Wall Street Journal are gradually placing their focus on the internet. By providing news online, they save cost on print, and provide cheaper digital subscriptions. The newspaper industry is not ‘dying’. They just stopped printing on paper; and started ‘printing’ on your mobile screens.

As more emphasis is placed online, subscribers prefer to consume news online. And that’s why the digital newspaper industry revenue has been steadily growing at 9.8% a year. (If you compared it to other industries, that’s quite a number). Simply put, it’s a sunrise industry that’s growing fast.

So, are you an opportunist like me? Do you want to land newspaper companies like The Wall Street Journal as one of your clients? Let me tell you how.

Read along.

Who Needs This B2B Mailing List?

Freelance Journalist

You’re a relentless bloodhound who won’t quit until you’ve found the truth. But, what’s the point of digging to the bottom if you don’t have a channel to publish? The story is different with us. Our B2B contacts delivers you straight into office of the editor-in-chief.       

Publish your hottest content to the world with our B2B mailing list!


Although on a different platform, newspaper companies still need you to perfect their advertorials. Gain access to all the contacts in the newspaper industry with us. You’re the master of wordplay. Craft a compelling email and send it to them. There’s no chance for them to say no - because you didn’t give them any.

Digital Solution Company

Capitalise on the digital trend. As newspaper companies often lack the technical expertise, they can’t provide the marketing demands of modern business owners. They need you, a digital expert, to help them move to the online platforms.

Do your business a favour, grab a copy of our newspaper email list, and make more business.


Access all the Newspapers with the Newspaper Industry Email List

How Do We Generate Your B2B Sales Leads?

At Creative Bear Tech, we use a method called ‘web scraping’. Our tech experts use the newest technologies to scrape the search engines for your B2B leads. We have proven systems, ensuring the B2B database you get is the most targeted, and comprehensive in the lead generation industry.

Our Web Scraping Technique

Firstly, our dedicated programs scan the entire search engine for target keywords present in the body content of the website, meta title and meta description. Next, we create a second set of emails where the keywords must be present in the domain name. By cross-checking the 2 sets of emails, we’re able to verify the entire list.

To ensure accuracy of your databases. We have a 3-step method in place.

Using this method, our tech experts check:

  • The structure of every email address
  • The activeness of the inboxes
  • The responsiveness of the websites

If you know a thing or two about the lead generation business, you should know that this is the best way to generate the most targeted email lists.

How To Get New Clients With Our B2B Database?

Compelling Email Marketing

Email marketing isn’t like newspaper, it hasn’t become a thing of the past yet. We have all the contacts in the newspaper industry. Make the best use of our B2B database, and reach out to your future clients. It’s quite easy. You can use MailChimp to mail merge your craft, then send your offer (an irresistible one of course) to the whole newspaper industry. There’s surely someone interested in your offer.

Persuasive Telesales

It doesn’t matter if you’re more of a chatterbox. We have phone numbers too! Our B2B database has their names, emails and phone numbers. They are also high paying clients (if you manage to close them of course.) Your next sale is just a call away. Punch in those numbers and start closing them.

Social Media Marketing

Did you know, the average conversion rate for Facebook ads in the B2B industry is 10.63%? It’s one of the highest conversion rates amongst all industries. 

But, I have a way to boost that number to 15% or even higher. How? With Facebook’s custom audience targeting. When you set up your custom audience, you spend less money trying to outmanoeuvre Facebook’s algorithms. Sure, you can always set up different interest groups at the ad set level, then try to figure which demographic gives you the higher returns. But, why waste time and money when you can just get started with our B2B database?

Combine the 3 of these marketing channels and start rolling.

Why Work With Us?

You see, I totally understand how it feels when you can’t get any leads for an entire month. I was there too. SEO for your industry is competitive. And, spending thousands on hiring an SEO agency doesn’t seem to be the best way out. That’s the reason I started this lead generation business – to provide high quality leads that for businesses. It’s truly the best investment that any small company can make.

A car needs a constant supply of petroleum to move fast, and move far. Likewise, your business needs high quality leads to grow fast, and scale big. At Creative Bear Tech, you’ll get leads that convert very well, because our state-of-the-art technology keeps your B2B database clean. We do our due diligence to remove any contacts that are irrelevant, and worthless to your business.

If you’re sceptical about all these “data harvesting”, don’t worry. We’re 100% GDPR compliant when it comes to data processing. That means, you’re the rightful owner of any products you purchase for the European region. We constantly screen our database for any B2B contacts who has opted out of the list. Then, we update them into the members area immediately.

You don’t have to spend a single penny after the initial purchase. Because we update your B2B database for free. Just look out for the newest version in our members’ area!

If there’s any problems with the product, just contact us! We’ll be more than happy to help you. More importantly, we want you to get moving, and start reaching out to your prospects asap. Also, if your desired B2B database isn’t listed on our website, just give up a heads up and we’ll create one for you at no extra cost.

Time is of the essence. Order your copy today!